The short answer is: we supply all the gear you need to make the most of your Cornish Adventure Activity!

So all you need is swimwear for underneath the wetsuits and suitable clothing for the weather on the day (and warm clothing for afterwards). Sunscreen is always recommended even on a cloudy day as we are outside for a good length of time and UV light reflects off the water. Also bring a water bottle, which can be refilled at our base as well as any medication you usually carry such as Asthma pumps or diabetes testing kits. 

Charlie is ready to get you kitted up and crack a few jokes!

What to wear for Cornish Coasteering?

We supply you with a top quality winter thickness (5mm) C-skins Wetsuit to keep you toasty warm during your Coasteering session. Even in the summer this helps you enjoy your Adventure more as it keeps you cosy, as we are in the water for a long time having fun!. We have a large selection of wetsuits to fit all shapes and sizes, getting the correct fit will help you to get the most from your session by allowing you to swim, climb and jumps freely. Along with your wetsuit we supply you with a pair of thick soled wetsuit boots that protect your feet from any sharp rocks whilst still allowing you to feel the rock sufficiently to scramble and climb effectively. They also keep your feet warm! 

Kit check done it’s time to get down to the Coasteer spot and live the dream!

Next comes a Buoyancy aid and helmet. Obviously the buoyancy aid keeps you afloat which means you don’t need to be an Olympic swimmer to Coasteer, as long as you are reasonably confident in the water. The helmet adds another layer of protection for your noggin as we explore sea caves and play in natural wave machines. 

Lastly comes the Coasteering hot-pants, the ultimate fashion accessory, designed to make you look extra cool as well as protecting our wetsuits from the rocks and barnacles. It is easier to replace a pair of wetsuit shorts than the whole wetsuits and we maintain all of our kit in top working order. All our kit is thoroughly washed and disinfected between activities. That’s it, you are ready to head out on one of our Coasteer sessions, a few sea shanties in the minibus will get you pumped! It’s hard not to look and feel awesome in all this glamorous attire! 

With the right kit on you look and feel great and are ready to have an epic Cornish Coasteering session

What to Wear for Cornish Kayaking?

For Kayaking we give you a 4mm C-skins wetsuit, being slightly thinner makes it more flexible but still warm enough to enjoy some swims along the way! As we will cross some rocky beaches and explore rock-pools we slap on a pair of wetsuit boots for our journey.

Fun in the sea!

As with Coasteering, the Buoyancy aid will give you extra confidence in the water and the helmet protects your noggin should you have a capsize or if your shipmate knocks your head with a paddle! Speaking of capsizes, our boats are very stable, double sit on top kayaks which generally don’t capsize ‘accidentally’. 

Tropical Cornwall!

We have a have a few single kayaks for odd numbers in your group but double kayaks generally allow us to make the best journey on the water and working as a team is fun!

What to wear for Cornish Surfing

For our Cornish Surfing lessons we kit you out in a 4mm C-skins wetsuit that gives you a great combination of warmth and flexibility. We recommend a pair of boots to keep you warm in the early season but also to prevent any weaver fish stings or cuts in the summer. 

Once you are suited and booted you can throw on one of our Cornish Surfing rash vests, these make you look awesome as well as making you easy to spot for our instructors. You are now ready to head on on our Cornish Surfing lessons to catch some waves and (hopefully) standup! 

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