Cornish coasteering was first established in 2014 by Coll, Coll called up Henry the first instructor for Cornish coasteering and the rest is history.

What is coasteering?

Coasteering is a mixture of things you were told not to do as a child! Swimming, climbing, exploring sea caves, playing in the wave machines and of course jumping. 

Swimming with Cornish Coasteering couldn’t be made any easier with the help of thick buoyant wetsuits and our buoyancy aids you can simply lay back and relax! If you are really struggling with swimming the instructors can always give you a small tow, although they do charge extra for this service (a large steak pasty from Malcolm Barnecutts for every 10m is the going rate!). 

Climbing starts at a low level normally with scrambling and then throughout the session more difficult challenges can be introduced depending on the group’s ability. The best thing is most climbs are over water so as Henry is often quoted saying “If you slip aim for the water, it’s always fun to make a big splash!”.

Exploring sea caves is another essential part of coasteering. At Port Quin we have the smugglers cave and the mining cave both are checked for Sea Badgers before entering. At Port Gaverne we have even more caves to explore if conditions are right, these include the famous cave of Eternal Peril, Cathedral cave and the Blue cave. Our instructors will guide you safely through these caves and show you the wonders on the inside.

The wave machines are dependent on the conditions on the day but our experienced instructors can sniff out a chance to play in these natural features from a mile away. When in the wave machine as you’d expect you’ll experience the rise and fall of the sea and possibly the drain and flood of the surf too. The main thing to remember is, don’t hold onto the sides!

Jumping is the thing that coasteering is most famous for. We always start of small and then work on the technique needed to take people to soaring new heights! The instructors will often throw in some fun challenges along the way such as the cannonball and superman dive. You can feel safe jumping knowing that two of our watchful guides will be with you to help tutor and provide encouragement throughout the session.

Cornish Coasteering has grown in leaps and bounds and we’ve added and trained more of our excellent team along the way. After a few years of building the reputation of Cornish Coasteering Coll and Henry formed a partnership and opened the next chapter of Cornish Adventure. This was of course our Cornish Kayaking trips run on the amazing Camel estuary.

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