Cornish Coasteering is a small friendly business that specialises in coasteering. We have an intimate and extensive knowledge of the best coasteering locations in the area and will tailor your session to make the best use of tide & swell conditions. Our instructors aim to help you get the most out of your Cornish Coasteering adventure and have trained to keep you safe and have a fun session.

We are based on an idyllic campsite, Dinham Farm, where you can enjoy campfires and wide open spaces. We have converted a shipping container into our base where we meet and greet you and get you kitted out ready for your adventure.


The team


Cornish Coasteering's founder, Coll, comes from a Beach Lifeguarding and watersports background. He loves to get on or in the water at any opportunity be it for coasteering, surfing, sailing, scuba diving or sea kayaking. After working for other leading centres for many years he decided to establish Cornish Coasteering. He is enthusiastic about sharing his favourite environment with others and is knowledgeable about the local area and wildlife.

An article in the Guardian newspaper describes coasteering with Coll;

Coll says I should get familiar with the two-metre leaps before I think about trying from four metres up. Sure Coll, just let me at it, will you? But he's right, the four-metre jump is much more tricky… When I (eventually) open my eyes, all I can see is a rich, deep blue colour. Then, like a buoy, my body suddenly pops back up to the surface. I have to do another jump.  Read the full article here.



Cornish Coasteering's wingman Henry lives 10 mins from HQ and having spent six seasons working alongside Coll has stepped up to become a full fledged partner whilst helping Coll set up their new adventure Cornish Kayaking. Now in his Ninth season of coasteering in the local area, Henry knows our routes inside out and will help you to share his love of adventure on the Cornish coastline.

He has always been the outdoorsy type, growing up near the beach, and as part of the surf-lifesaving club and scouts. He’s good in the water and swimming runs in the family; his brother is a two time World Champion in the 4 x 200m Freestyle relay. Although Henry maintains he is still the better swimmer!
Henry spent his early years at Cornish Coasteering alongside his studies in International Politics at Manchester Metropolitan University. Having graduated he now spends his winters travelling and working elsewhere all the while waiting for the sun to come back so he can return to his home in Cornwall. Henry is an enthusiastic, capable and patient instructor who will help make your session safe and fun.



Charlie has been camping on Dinham farm campsite (where we are based) with his family for many years. He joined Cornish Coasteering two summers ago on a work experience placement for his Outdoor Education degree at Plymouth University. Now having graduated, and after a Ski season in Canad,a he is back at Dinham farm helping out on the campsite as well as helping to run Coasteering sessions for us. Charlie is a really fun guide and full of energy and enthusiasm, he will make sure you have an enjoyable time with us.